Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Getting professional in sex cam sites reviewing is impossible if you’ve never worked for a real xxx cam company!

Hi, I’m Andrew, and I’ve been into live sex cam industry for ages! So, I’ll unearth plenty of secrets for you! Take this journey with me and it’ll be off the hook! You’ll see that some of the cam sites are filthy scam but some deserve to get props to! Don’t bent out of shape, since I’ll let you experience the awesome experiences with the best sex cam sites!

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You’ll get surprise but live sex cam industry has existed for a long time! It gave rise to lots of reliable websites for you to go bonkers. Also, there emerged some options to make you bummed.

Hey, I’m Andrew Thompson, and I’ll not let scam live sex websites con you! It’ll be a really cushy adventure!

After I graduated from my university in NYC, I was hanging tight to find my way—the business I’d enjoy and the business to be financially sustainable. But nothing special could I imagine to come true. It was about 5 or 6 years ago.

Then, about 5 years ago I met a girl and had the biggest crush in her. I thought she’d have dumped me—but nope! She was an adult live cam model, as it turned out. And yep, that lightbulb, you know, next to my head switched on!

I got employed by the company she had been working for to see what it was like. I was a customer support team representative, and I was hooked on that job. Like, I really admired it! But I also got an idea I can do something related to it!

Still, I didn’t have lots of experience in live sex cam sites. I didn’t want it to be my epic fail, so I decided to find some alternatives to the place I had been working in. I changed it for another bigger company!

That company had about 1K horny female models and like 400 male ones. It was an ace company to work for, as they told me I can be a supervisor. Yup, I had had some experience, so they appreciated me a lot!

After that, I worked for two more giants in the industry, and got it: I gotta bench, and start my own business!

So, welcome to my personal space of professional reviews! Yeah, you’re gonna go nuts after reading everything I’ve prepared here! Why? I don’t have a big mouth and single out the main details you’d need to consider when choosing a particular sex cam site!

Choosing the best live sex cam site is not a big stink anymore! If you’re using any adult sites, just be ready to double check if they’re as reliable as you buy them. If you’re in search, get blown away by the hyper-awesome alternatives I’ll be listing for you!

Besides, if you aim to get a job as a live cam model, you’d know that it has deep pockets! And I know how to assist you to succeed! (Yup, I’m still dating my gf and she’s still a model!) I’ll show you which cam sites do a show job on the models, and which have really perfect payouts!

Yap, I occupied lots of positions at those big gun companies, and I know what they look like inside!

Get ready to go bonkers—the most powerful satisfaction is waiting for you!

Keep in touch with me, and I’ll show you how to avoid all those boo-boos you might come across on the live sex cam sites! It’s your lucky break now!